P A I N T I N G S     



 M U R A L S   


Part one of two-story commissioned mural in private homePart two of a two-story commissioned mural in private homePart three of a two-story commissioned mural in private homePart four of a two-story commissioned mural in a private home


OH! The Places You'll Go!Script says, "The more that you READ,The more things that you will KNOW.
The more that you LEARN,  the more places you'll GO! " Dr. SuessThis dreamy balloon-filled sky ends this wall.This wall creates a peaceful setting for the teachers to read to a group of students.  It was important not to do anything too distracting, so it is simple and helps keep attention on the teacher!  There is a rocking chair (not pictured) that is placed right under the willow tree and the students have comfortable seating on the floor, too.
Where the Sidewalk Ends.......This wall is opposite the Dr. Suess wall and it is also over 100 feet long!
This is an encouragement to the teachers to keep students actively involved!The inspiration for this wall come from the very creative LMC director of the school!  It is a huge bookshelf....each book was about five feet tall!
Each grade K - 5 voted on their favorite book.  I included the favorite books of each class on the painted bookshelf and a scene or character from the books.  The kids LOVED it!  In the very center of this wall, I painted an open book with some sailboats sailing off from it in the distance.  It has a daydream effect to it....hopefully it will encourage the students to read for adventure!"Thank You, Mr Falkner.""LuLu the Dinosaur "
"Night of the Twister""Flat Stanley""The Very Hungry Caterpillar"This ends the bookshelf wall.
Fundraiser for Triple Threat - commissioned by NIKE 
Mural painted live at the event!

(text on mural reads)
"We were all meant to shine.......
and when we let our own light shine we unconsciously  give other
people the permission to do the same." ~  Marianne Williamson 

River Valley Community Church
This is just a small section of the mural which was a depiction of Psalm 1
which talks about how being planted by streams of Living Water keeps you strong, growing and bearing much fruit!